What is the ball height when my trailer is level?

Sunray/Sun Lite Classic: 18-22″

Sunray/Sun Lite Sport: 20-24″

Rush: 20-22″

Which size ball do I need for my hitch?

Single Axle: 2″ ball


Dual Axle (21QB – 21TH – 24TH): 2 5/16″ ball


How much weight can the roof rack support?

500 lbs

How much weight can the overhead bunk support?

150 lbs

What size is the bed?

109 & 109E: 54 x 75

129: Dinette Bed 54 x 80

139T: 48 x 74 – Bunk 20 x 74

149: 54 x 74 – Dinette Bed 36 x 70

16BH: 60 x 74 – Dinette Bed 30 x 68 – Bunk 40 x 80

18RD: 60 x 74 – Dinette Bed 30 x 68 – Bunk 40 x 80

18TB: 32 x 74 (x2) or King 86 x 74 – 60 x 74 – Dinette Bed 30 x 68

21QB: 54 x 74 Murphy Bed – 30 x 68 Bunks (2)

21TH: 60 x 74 – Dinette Bed 40 x 68

24TH 60 x 74 – Dinette Bed 40 x 68

V1200: Dinette Bed 68 x 78

V1500: 60 x 74 – Dinette Bed 36 x 70 – Bunk TBD

What does "Solar Prep" mean? What is the red/white wire coming out of the front of the trailer?

Currently, All Sunset Park models have solar standard which includes a 100WATT Solar Panel with a Solar Controller installed.  Previously, All Sunset Park models were equipped with wiring (typically red/white) which runs from the battery up to the roof for a roof-mounted solar panel. The goal is to allow easy access to connect the wiring on the roof, install a controller inside the trailer, and connect to the battery. For information more specific to your trailer, click here for a basic schematic or fill out the form below for more assistance.

What is the axle rating of my trailer?

Sunray: 3500 lbs

16BH: 3500 lbs

18RD -18TB: 4000 lbs

21QB – 21TH – 24TH: 7000 pounds (2-3500 pound axles)

V1200: 3500 lbs Torsion Axle

V1500: 4000 lbs Torsion Axle

Rush: 7000 pounds (2-3500 pound axles)


Which Backup Camera do you recommend?

The backup camera wiring is compatible with Drive by Way Interglobal as well as Furrion backup cameras. Most third-party backup cameras will come with its own mounting bracket, which can easily be interchanged with the factory supplied bracket. Subject to availability.

Can I buy directly from the factory?

Unfortunately, no. All customers must work with a Sunset Park dealer. Click here to find a dealer nearby.

I have an issue with my trailer. How do I start the warranty process?

Sunset Park recommends starting with the dealer from whom you bought the trailer. Please describe your issues with as much detail as possible and provide as many pictures as you can to give the dealer (and Sunset Park) plenty of information to assist you.

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