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Outside Shower Box

 This self-contained shower box contains a built-in curtain & rod to provide privacy & convenience while using the outside shower. 2023 models* come prepped with brackets to easily mount on the unit.


MSRP: $295

*Only available 109, 109E, 129, 139T

*Warning* Please make sure Privacy Curtain is secured away from the water heater when in use or removed.  Can cause damage or fire which could result in serious injury or death.

2 Person Roof Tent
The Body Armor 2-Person Tent provides a roof-mounted sleeping space with a mattress and telescoping ladder. The tent easily mounts to any roof rack and can be set up and torn down by 1 person without any extra tools.


MSRP: $1,493
270 Manual Awning

The Body Armor 270 Awning provides 80 square feet of coverage, giving ample coverage over the side and rear of the trailer. The 270 Awning has an easy 1-person set up and tear down. 2023 models* come prepped with backers to allow the ability to mount on the unit

MSRP: $595

MSRP: $825 (XL)

*Only available 109, 109E, 129, 139T

On-The-Go Ladder

The On-The-Go Ladder is a telescoping ladder which provides a portable, easy to use way to access the roof, roof rack, or awning. All 2023 models come prepped with the mount to easily attach the ladder if desired.


MSRP $249
Universal Roof Rack

The Universal Roof Rack easily attaches to any roof rack. This allows you to mount any cargo onto your roof rack, especially cargo that doesn’t span the length of the roof rack. This roof rack is the base on which the Roof Top Tent sits. These adjustable bars can be fitted on any roof rack.


MSRP: $95

Drive Bluetooth Speaker

The Drive Portable Bluetooth Speaker gives you the ability to take high-quality sound with you anywhere. Connect your smartphone via Bluetooth to play your favorite music at your campsite, on the beach, or wherever you go. Charging Cable included.


MSRP: $140

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